Atlas Heavy Duty Bipod 5H Met Snelmontage

Atlas Heavy Duty Bipod 5H with qdt lever

On it's way to us! Thanks to Kasey and Kody...


Currently the 5-H Atlas Bipod is being shipped to our Authorized Dealers, who had pre-ordered these units. We are unable to disclose to customers what Authorized Dealers will be getting the 5-H Atlas Bipod, but encourage customers to contact their dealers to order the 5-H. Once we have fulfilled these obligations the 5-H Atlas Bipod will be available directly from B&T Ind. LLC. Customers may also contact B&T Ind. to be placed on a list to be notified when they are available directly through B&T Ind. We appreciate your patience as we bring this new and exciting product to market. Please stay tuned to this page for updates. Thank you!

Atlas Heavy Duty Bipod 5H Met Snelmontage
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