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How to order

After entering our shop, you can search the productgroups by using the menu. If you know a brand or type, you can do a quick search by using the search button. If you need more information of a product, you can press the button ‘more info’. There is a link to the producer, in case you want explicit information. After having chosen one or more items to buy, you can enter your shopping basket. Here you can alter things and finalize the shopping list.


We require your data, to be able to make a correct invoice and have the exact delivery address . If you order an airgun or airpistol, we need the number of your id-card, plus we need a copy of it… Due to legislation in the Netherlands we can only deliver to adults, and we need proof of your identity. Do not fear identity fraude. After we have checked your id, we will delete/shred it. We respect your privacy as much as ours.


We will make an invoice for your goods, checking our stock and the shipping costs and we will email you this invoice. After receipt of your payment we will ship out the goods. The invoice is your acknowledgement. We do not automatically ‘bomb’ you with unnecessary emails. We process orders by hand. We are a people’s business, remember.

We ship your goods well packed and you receive them in about 2 days. Since we ship from the Netherlands we can ship airguns to the UK without any troubles. Of course we respect UK legislation.

If you are not satisfied with the delivery, or something else is wrong, inform us immediately.

In case a product is not in stock, we will give you an estimated time of delivery.


Wait with your payment until we are approaching the estimated deliverytime. We do not like to have debts to anybody, and we are sure you do not want us to guard your money for you too long. For your convenience we have opened an account at Lloyds Bank UK. We thank you for your interest in our products. For customers outside the European Union we deduct sales tax.


After you have entered your address the pricing you see on the site are ex. salestax! (only if you are a resident outside the European Union)


Have fun shooting!