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Airgun safety and questions

Think and act safe with air guns. This should be your second nature!

Here are a few questions that we get a lot:

Do you need a license for an airgun? No you don't. Everything we sell is legal for the customer.
Is it legal to have an airgun? Yes anyone above 18 years old can order an airgun/airrifle. You only need to send us a copy of your ID.
Is there a power limit for airguns? In the Netherlands we don't have a power limit, in other countries it can be different.
What kind of airgun do i have to buy? We have all kinds of airguns, give us a call or send us an e-mail and i'm sure we'll figure it out.
Where can you shoot an airgun? On your own property or at the shooting range. So not in public! We also advise you to use a gun/rifle bag to avoid problems with neighbours or with the police.
What is the best airgun brand? We have different kinds of high quality airguns for example: Air Arms, RTI Arms, Edgun, Huben, Airmaks en FX Airguns.