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Air Arms XTI50 Fieldtarget Orange Laminate
Air Arms XTI50 Fieldtarget Black Laminate
Air Arms XTI50 Fieldtarget Orange Laminate
Air Arms XTI50 Fieldtarget Black Laminate

Air Arms XTI50 Fieldtarget

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Voor nieuwe opdrachten is er een levertijd van ca. 6 maanden.


The rifle is completely different from the FTP900, it has been completely re-designed from the very start using all new parts, including the Barrel, Cylinder, regulator, valving system to name a few major parts. Nothing is the same as the earlier FT rifles.

New materials have been incorporated on this new rifle such as the Titanium cylinder.

The Hamster gives the rifle much better functionality than previous rifles, and others that are currently on the market.

There is an adjustable muzzle break, and extra spacers included for the butt pad as standard.

The rifle is supplied in a Negrini case.


Features included:


·  Specially commissioned, fully-floating, match grade barrel for pinpoint accuracy throughout the charge and under all weather conditions

·  Micro-adjustable air-stripper, allowing the user to fine-tune the pellets’ exit setup for maximum accuracy

·  Adjustable mechanical energy absorption device controls internal air flow to further stabilise the rifle as it fires

·  Extensive use of titanium for weight reduction and to promote optimal balance

·  Ambidextrous folding spirit level and wind indicator

·  Two thumb position options on the pistol grip

·  Pistol grip can be extended if required

·  Warp-resistant, all-weather laminate match stock, including button operated, one-touch, swing-arm hamster, allowing single-handed use whilst holding aim if required

·  Fully adjustable and extendable butt hook
   with the ability to add extra spacers to increase the span and wrap around of the top and bottom arms

·  Infinitely adjustable cheek piece for perfect head position and eye-scope alignment

·  Quick-release cheek piece and butt pad adjustment

·  Built to perform at the highest level,

   and under all conditions


Technical specifications:


Overall Weight: 4.7kg (10.4lbs) (without scope)

Overall Length: 955mm (37.6in) (butt closed and hook folder)

                          990mm (39.0in) (butt fully extended, and hook folded

                          +140mm (5.9in) if hook is fitted

Barrel Centre to Fully Closed Hamster: 100mm (4in) minimum

Barrel Centre to Fully Extended Hamster: 445mm (17.5in) maximum

Barrel Length: 500mm (19.7in)

Barrel Diameter: 15mm (0.6in)

Calibre: 4.5mm (.177)

Energy/Velocity: 16j (12ftlb) / Sub 244m/s (802ft/s) using 0.54g (8.4gr) pellet

Shot Count: Approx. 100 per 200 bar (2900psi) fill

Cylinder Fill Pressure: 200 bar (2900psi)

Trial SD: 1.8

Trial Spread:12 ft/sec over 100 shots

Air Arms XTI50 Fieldtarget
Type luchtbuks: 
4,5 mm / 0.177
€  3.214,90
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