Hill hogedrukpomp met slang

Hill hogedrukpomp met slang

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Hogedrukpomp in extra zware uitvoering. Met grote metalen voet en slang met 1/8 bsp female-aansluiting. De one and only... Alle andere hogedruk pompen zijn afgeleid van dit origineel. Vulpluggen van Shinsung, Daystate, Logun, FX, BSA, Air Arms passen er direct op. Is nog uit te breiden met een dry-pac voor absoluut droge lucht. Pas op... Dit is intussen weer het 4e model van deze pomp. Steeds weer kleine verbeteringen. Het nieuwe MK4 model pomp weer lichter dan de MK3! En ziet er ook eleganter uit!4th Gen Hill Pump without Dry Pac. But can be added later at any time.

Latest 4th Generation Design features.
1. Less Effort, we have made the MK4 Hill pump even easier to pump.
2. High Volume, we have kept the highest volume output so less pumping.
3. Field Service, you can strip the pump in the field in less than 5 mins.
4. Hill Warranty, each pump carries the Hill Limited Lifetime Warranty.
5. New longer more flexible hose.

Pump comes with hose with 1/8" bsp connection. Some air guns may require additional adaptors.

Dry Pac System can easily be added later.

If you are wanting to know how many full strokes of our MK4 PCP Pump will be required to fill your air gun cylinder we have devised the following formula for you to use:

This formula calculates the approximate number of full strokes of the MK4 pump at any point.

The pressure should be expressed in BAR (1 BAR = 14.508 PSI) and capacity in Litres (L). (End Pressure - Starting Pressure) x Cylinder Capacity / 0.225 = Number of Strokes.


Hill hogedrukpomp met slang
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