Taipan Veteran Long Laminate .25

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Taipan itself is characterized by great workmanship, making it even better than other expensive rifles. It is also characterized by high quality materials and maximal accuracy. This is mainly provided by CZUB and Lothar Walther barrels. Taipan can be used with single-shot tray or magazines. In packing, you can find a single-shot tray and two magazines. Cocking through the side lever is very smooth and comfortable. Taipan comes with two main innovations. The first concerns cocking area. Thanks to a special mechanism, barrel can not be double loaded. The second thing is a new air port, which is ideally and constantly pushing the air into barrel. An important prerequisite in the manufacture of this part was to avoid deformation of pellet, as in the standard solutions. And thanks to this a unique shape has been created just for the Taipan. At the top of rifle we can find a classic 22mm weaver rail for mounting optic system. Compared to previous models, it is inclined by 20MOA. Rail is made from one piece and therefore it is in the same axis with barrel. Taipan is already equipped with a great internal silencer, which will provide sufficient absorption while shooting. Large-volume air tank of 292 cc is located under barrel. It passes through almost the whole rifle and ends with a Wika manometer. Current pressure is marked in BARs unit. Filling is through classic quickfill probe which is supplied with rifle. Taipan is known for one of the best trigger mechanism which offers variable resistance and dropdown adjustment. Manual safety can be found in the trigger guard. Whole stock is finished with rubber butt plate. Cocking lever can be positioned for righthand AND Lefthand schooters. Output: 80 joules

Technical Specification


Size (cm)



6,35 (.25)

Lenght barrel (cm)


10 schots magazijn

Weight (kg)


Max. working pressure (bar)


Triger resistance (N kgf)

0,5 - 1,5


Taipan Veteran Long Laminate .25
Type luchtbuks: 
6,35 mm / 0.25
€ 1.395,00 


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