Slugbarrel L610mm D15mm Blued .22

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Slugbarrel 610 mm length, .22, Outside Diameter 15mm (so diameter like Taipan and RTI Priest and Prophet). The barrel is finished with a crown and has a very slight choke at the end. It comes completely blued so: does not look like a DIY project. You need to machine threading and fitting, but: This is a barrel and not a barrel blank. The performance is amazing. The foto's of groups were shot under windy conditions outdoors (94 meters) with JSB Knockout .217 at a speed of 292 m/s in an RTI Arms Air Gun. Thanks Frank M!!  The special shape of the lands combined with the steeper twist gives great accuracy for slugs and heavier pellets. 

Caliber:  5.5mm 

O.D. :15

Length :24”

Twist: 350 

Rifling: 8

Slugbarrel L610mm D15mm Blued .22
€  195,00


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