Huben K1 6.35mm Semi Auto

Huben K1 6.35mm Semi Auto

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The Huben K1 semi auto rifle is a marvel of airgun technology and engineering. The Huben rifle's regulating and air valve system is a patented hammer less design that provides infinite adjustment from very low to very high power. The semi auto cocking and loading cycle is fast and jam free with a unique 16 shot steel magazine that can be topped up at any time for a fast large volume of accurate shots on target. The Huben rifle has been developed to accurately fire heavy pellets or solid slugs at an extreme power level for ultra long range target or hunting applications. The rifles tested have performed very well with the heavy pellets in each caliber as well at the high power settings. Lower power requirements will give good results with standard weight pellets for pinking fun and small vermin control. The Huben is made from the finest high quality components. The air cylinder is tested safe at a operating pressure of 5000 psi however the rifle will operate at pressure levels down to 1650 psi depending on regulator pressure settings and power wheel adjustments. The stock of the Huben bullpup is made from a high quality synthetic and is very comfortable to shoot with a very neutral balance. The Huben rifle is not for the faint of heart it is a high power air rifle with extreme capabilities and ultra fast rate of fire for long range performance.Shooting mode: Semi-auto 
Safety: Yes 
Weight: 3500 g

Overall Length: 825 mm
Barrel Length: 600 mm
Colour: Black 

Mount Rail: 22 mm
Magazine Capacity: 16 
Height: 50 mm Scope and mounts not included. Comes with filling plug, Alan key for regulator adjustment and manual.


Huben K1 6.35mm Semi Auto
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6,35 mm / 0.25
€  1.790,00


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