Edgun Leshiy PunisherA 450mm barrel .25

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Now you can use our custom made barrel for 'Punisher' like projects!! This barrel is 450mm long. Calibre is .25. Diameter is 12mm (11,98mm) Please allow a couple of days delivery time. This barrel is crowned and has a funneled chamber to accept pellets and solids. The barrel rifling process is hammering and the internals have been polished after hammering. There is NO choke so no friction that will slow down projectiles. If you would like .22 or .177 please email us. We have enough blanks to modify these calibres too. The extension sets/ shouds are NOT included. On a standard Leshiy you need 2 of them. On a long Leshiy you need 1.


Edgun Leshiy PunisherA 450mm barrel .25
€ 250,00 


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