Compressor/fles/Pomp Filter Max. 300 bar

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Compressor/fles/Pomp Filter Max. 300 bar. Mooie compacte oplossing voor vocht/viezigheid die uit uw fles/compressor of pomp uw reservoir van de buks in gaat. Niks zo vervelend als corosie in de buks want hierdoor krijgt U versneld met O-ringen te maken die gaan lekken of metalen/messing delen die gaan corroderen. Voorkom dat met dit slimme filtertje!


Altaros – Filter and dehumidifier for compressed air filling. Removes moisture and impurity from supply air. Extends the lifetime of airgun airtube and pressure bottle. Prevents corrosion and increases the safety of stressed parts. Dry clean air is the basis for proper long-term functionality of your PCP airgun and also a prerequisite for achieving the maximum accuracy of the shooting.
Simple and durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy construction. Easy to attach with universal foster female/male coupling.
The replacement and drying of the absorber is done simply by unscrewing the end plug. The absorber indicates humidity by color change.

Compressor/fles/Pomp Filter Max. 300 bar
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