Altaros Compressor Booster MKII

Altaros Compressor Booster MKII

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Dit werkt fantastisch in combinatie met een eenvoudige thuis compressor (met een tank reservoir). 


Upgraded versie van de Altaros compressor booster!!

Our Altaros compressor booster unit was designed for long service life while only minimum maintenance and service is needed.

For more info about Booster Unit read Bassic Info.

Filling time depends on the outputof driving compressore, more info in Performance.

Driving compressor is needed:
We have developed compressor booster which operates on the principle of an amplifier input pressure to the desired output pressure 300bar (4500PSI). For these reasons, for our booster operation need to be connected to source of low pressure air, which is most often compressor with low output pressure 6-10bar ie normal workshop compressor. If your low-pressure compressor is more powerful then our booster unit will work faster , resulting in faster performance of high-pressure air.
Long life is assured by slow moving pressure cycle:
Due to the large volume of pistons our compressor is working with significantly lower speed (up to 20x times lower sliding velocity) at the same or greater amount of compressed air supply than what similarly low-speed high-pressure compressors on the market have.Thanks to this slow piston movement and much smaller length movement is seal much less stressed than on higher movement speed. At the same pressure air supply pistons in our compressor travels 10-15x less distance than the high speed compressor, which also contributes to a further very long seal life.
The self-cooling ensures low operating temperatures and continuous operation :
The compressor booster has a built-in sophisticated cooling system of both cylinders using exhausted compressed air, which allows it to run uninterrupted, without causing excessive heating of the compressor.The surface temperature of the cylinders is approximately 40 ° C ( Max around 50°C ). Low operating temperature also contributes to even longer seal life.
Maintenance-free operation:
On the basis of the properties described above and due to the fact that the our compressor booster does not need lubrication, the compressor operates without the need for ongoing maintenance. In our long-term testing (2 years of daily use), it was found that the compressor without any lubrication or seal replacement managed fulfill around 200 bottles with capacity 4liters of a pressure from 200 to 300bar than was necessary maintenance service.
Compressor booster has automatic stop when required pressure in the bottle is reached:
Compressor booster includes an adjustable pressure switch which stops the compressor after reaching the desired outlet pressure. Setting the desired output pressure can be easily performed in a range 60-300bar (900 to 4500 PSI). When compressor reaching the required pressure automatic stop switch itself . In the case of a pressure drop in the Airtank ( for example by cooling) automatic stop switch itself again refill airtank and then switch itself again to stop filling.
The two-stage separator moisture and multiple filtration:
Compressor basically contains cascade system moisture separator from the air, which provides very dry high pressure air output from the compressor. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to worry about the penetration of moisture into the bottles, or pressure container. At the same time inlet air is filtered several times to remove impurities.
Easy seal replacement , spare seals set is included in compressor box :
The compressor is designed for easy dismantling, so if is necessary to exchange any seal then overall time to exchange it should no take more than 15 minutes (the dismantling of the compressor - replacing seal – assembly compressor back). At the same time, most current seals on the compressor is already included in spare set supplied with the compressor. Specific seals can be ordered.
High pressure hose with multifunction valve:
Our compressor booster is ended with 0.5 meters long high pressure hose end with multifunction valve with bursting disc on 500Bar (7500PSI), venting screw and pin for paintball coupling. Burst disc is functional protection in the event of over pressurization device and prevents damage to bottling. After unscrewing paintball pin from multifunction valve is there present external thread G1 / 8 (1/8 BSP) on which it is possible to screw a female paintball quick or filling pins for airguns.
Low noise level:
Compressor booster works quietly and in the case of storing blocks of foam rubber to blow-off holes can be achieved even more significantly quieter operation.
Small size, light weight and practicality for carrying:
Compressor is covered in box which has dimensions of 30x30x60 cm and a weight of slightly over 5 kg. With this low weight and convenient handles it can easily be transferred or transported.
Protective outer box:
The outer plastic transport box provides excellent protection for compressor equipment itself not only against mechanical damage, but also against the outside impurity.
Medium pressure gauge for diagnosis :
The output of the medium-pressure cylinder is ended with medium pressure gauge. This manometer can be used for controlling process and size of medium- pressure in system, which can be very useful for rapid diagnosis of compressor status and for finding specific defects.
Setting air flow screw:
Compressor includes tuning setting screw to reduce air flow from driving compressor This allows adjust steplessly speed of compressor booster and adjust air consumption for less powerful drive compressors so they can work in an effective pressure range.
Warranty: 2 years
Our compressors are supplied with 2 years warranty on mechanical parts or other defects. The guarantee does not apply to all seals. Details in the instruction.

Why to use Altaros compressor ?

Save your Time

Are you already tired of the long journey to a distant filling station? Waiting on your turn, waiting until is your bottle filled, or even need to leave your tanks overnight and complete the journey again tomorrow? There is no more need for any of this with our Altaros compressor booster. Connecting bottle to compressor is matter of seconds and actual filling can be done without your presence.

Save your Money
Price for 7 liters filling bottles from 200 to 300 bar, with Altaros compressor is around 25-40 CZK/ 1-2 USD ( in Czech Republic ) . On the contrary price when filling bottles at commercial filling station after including all the secondary costs can often rise to 250-500 CZK / 10-20 USD . To the price for the actual bottle filling is often necessary to add up the cost of transportation to the filling station and also the cost of your time. Model example comparing costs and return on the purchase of the compressor can be found here: Example how fast will compressor purchase cost be back.

You are independent!
How many times has already happened to you that you were forced to interrupt the shooting, even though you was successful , or could not tune the rifle, because pressure in airtank was down and filling station were closed? You will never have to experience this again with Altaros compressor. You can fill your scuba, airgun, or paintball tank at any time and as often as you need. You do not have to restrict yourself in the amount of shooting, tuning your rifles, or filling your airtubes on lower pressure just because your scuba pressure is going down.


More info on Altaros compressor booster main web

Altaros Compressor unit works on inlet pressure amplifiers principle. For these reasons it is necessary for its function source of pressurized air. As a source of compressed air may be used ordinary workshop compressor that provides at least 5 bar and a maximum of 10bar. Bottle filling speed depends on high pressure air and its amount supplied from the driving workshop compressor. For a better idea about the high pressure air filling speed we have prepared a table with real measurement for different types of workshop compressors, that differ in amount of supplied air quantity and volume of the outlet pressure and compressor load in %. This “Load” figure represents the ratio of time in%, when driving the compressor is in operation (For example 65% indicates that the compressor drive 65% of the time is in operation and 35% of its motor is stopped and pressurized air is consumed to drive only from the compressor air chamber). In the table are shown times for filling bottles of different sizes and pressures and also the amount of supplied air, in liters per minute, which is a value that can be used to calculate the time required for filling bottles of any size and the desired pressure difference. For illustration, here is an example:

Bottle which we want to fill has a capacity of 7 liters and the requirement to fulfill it from the pressure of 100bar to 300bar pressure.First, we calculate the total quantity of air required to fill the bottle by multiplying its air volume sizes of the differential pressures, namely 7 x L (300-100 bar) = 1400L air at a pressure of 1 bar (atmospheric pressure). This result is then divided by the data in the table. When using these data:

Compressor Drive: Load 65% Supplied quantity: 11.4 L / min

We know that the driving compressor delivers 11.4 L / min

We can calculate final time that required volume is divided by “Supplied quantity“, therefore

1400L /11,4 L/min = 122 minutes. Thus Filling 7 litres cylinders (from 100 to 300 bar) to desired pressure, it should take about two hours when using this drive compressor.

When we use different driving compressor with different Supplied quantity 8,8L/min then our filling time would be 1400L /8,8L/min = 160min

This way you can calculate the approximate filling time for different air volumes, pressure differences and different driving compressors.


Driving compressor: Schneider Bohemia: UNM 410-10-50 W
Input power 2,2kW / 3HP
2 cylinders
Max pressure. 10 bar
Air intake 410 l/min
Filling amount 295 l/min
Realistically measured amount of airflow 350 l/min

Driving compressor Supplied quantity Filling time for different airvolume and different pressure
4l, 200-300bar 0,8l z 100-200bar 0,3l , 1000-3000PSI
Load 100% 16l/min 25min 6.5min 3,75min
Load 65% 11,4l/min 35min 8,5min 4,5min

Driving compressor: Hecht 2351
Input power 2,2kW / 3HP
2 cylinders
Max pressure 8 bar
Air intake 400 l/min
Realistically measured amount of airflow 250 l/min

Driving compressor Supplied quantity Filling time for different airvolume and different pressure
4l, 200-300bar 0,8l z 100-200bar 0,3l , 1000-3000PSI
Load 100% 8,8l/min 45min 11min 5,7min
Load 65% 5,3l/min 75min 15min 8 min

Driving compressor: Scheppach HC 24
Input power 1,5 kW / 2 HP
1 cylinder
Max pressure 8 bar
Air intake 220 l/min
Realistically measured amount of airflow 125l/min

Driving compressor Supplied quantity Filling time for different airvolume and different pressure
4l, 200-300bar 0,8l z 100-200bar 0,3l , 1000-3000PSI
Load 100% 4,5l/min 90min 19min 9,5min
Load 65% 2,7l/min 150min 30min 15,5min

Altaros Compressor Booster MKII
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