Air Arms S400F HFT Combo Valiant 4-12x40 HFT

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Hyper fijne HFT set, gericht op perfecte resultaten voor een bescheiden prijs! De onverslaanbare S400 4,5mm 16 joules met de nieuwe Tsjechische Valiant  Themys 4-12x40 scope met HFT reticle... Dit reticle is door een Tsjechische top schutter bedacht. Want: Wie weet het beter dan de praktijk schutters!


Traditional bolt-action Single-shot with wide breech for easy loading Adjustable two-stage trigger with safety Match grade Lothar Walther barrel Built-in manometer Optional moderator.

Shot Count
16 joules
1020 mm total length
Barrel Length
493.5 mm
3 kg



The Air Arms S400 is the most popular top class, single-shot, pre-charged pneumatic sporter of them all and for a host of good reasons. Developed and built with the same care and precision as its 10-shot stablemate, the S400 is as comfortable in the hunting field as it is on the Hunter Field Target course.

At the heart of the S400 is a full-power, consistent action, which feeds a match quality Lothar Walther barrel developed to Air Arms’ specification. Each pellet is loaded by hand via a generous- bolt-action breech and the comfortable bolt handle makes cocking and loading the rifle fast, secure and easy.

The S400’s performance package is completed in the finest possible way, by stylish woodwork (produced by the highly acclaimed Minelli Group), an adjustable, two-stage trigger with a cross-lock safety catch- and an on-board pressure gauge.

Air Arms S400F HFT Combo Valiant 4-12x40 HFT
Type luchtbuks: 
4,5 mm / 0.177"
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€  883,00
€  825,00


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