Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon met rubber kolfplaat

Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon met rubber kolfplaat

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Verbluffend mooie en betaalbare buks voor beoefening en training van de Biathlon schiet sport. Bekijk beslist de youtube. Pas op: Daar wordt het duurdere model met 'metal butt' getoond!


Biathlon target shooting requires the competitor to demonstrate dynamic physical ability, followed by calm precision on the firing range. These total opposites must be connected by a rifle that offers speed and precision in a practical, uncomplicated package, that produces perfect accuracy no matter what the conditions. That rifle is the Air Arms MPR Biathlon.

Built around the solid MPR foundation of a recoilless, fast-fire, autoload, sidelever action in an adjustable, match-style stock, the Biathlon is designed to translate every well-aimed shot into a perfect hit. With its requirement for speed and precision, biathlon target shooting demands the best of both worlds – and this is just the rifle to deliver it.

Everything Air Arms has developed for its MPR range, and more, has been invested in the Biathlon. All of the proven features are there, including the self-regulating, consistent action that produces over 120 shots per charge, the match stock with its adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad, and the winning combination of a Lothar Walther competition standard barrel and high quality dioptre sights. But there’s more.
First, to accommodate the sport’s need for speed, the Biathlon is fitted with a fast-cycling, sidelever action, complete with a ‘speed bar’ handle which can be cycled in a split-second, even when wearing gloves. Then there’s the rifle’s built-in magazine store, which keeps the Biathlon’s four supplied 5-shot pellet magazines secure and immediately to hand within the fore end. The sport of biathlon target shooting may require a combination of opposites, but where the rifle is concerned, quality of design, manufacture and performance will always be the deciding factor. The MPR Biathlon has that factor – and it’s the best of the best of both worlds.



Air Arms S400 MPR Biathlon met rubber kolfplaat
Type luchtbuks: 
4,5 mm / 0.177"
€ 1.305,00 


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