Abbey Loopreiniger

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Fijne lood oplosser om de loop weer helemaal zuiver te maken! De loodlaag bouwt op in uw loop, totdat het ineens teveel wordt. Hij groepeert dan van geen kanten meer... Gebruik deze oplosser om deze laag op te lossen en weg te poetsen. Handige doseer tuit zorgt voor goed doseren en.... Houdt de inhoud van het blikje schoon! 


Abbey Gun Clean breaks down and removes all fouling from rifle barrels. Its fine water dispersant qualities ensure no rain or moisture remains to cause rusting and corrosion whilst in storage or at the next shoot.

How To Use:

Rod through with a wad soaked in Gun Clean
Keep replacing soaked wadding until it comes clean and all residue is removed from the barrels
Give a final wipe with a soaked wad to leave a fine oil film for protection whilst in your gun cabinet


Use Gun Clean on areas such as muzzles, ejectors and shutplate to bring your gun back to new factory condition. Light oiling of ejectors and the safety catch will have the gun ready for your next outing.


Available in 125ml tins.    

Abbey Loopreiniger
€  7,25


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