RTI Prophet II Performance

RTI Prophet II Performance

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Newest version with updated assisted valve system. Now in stock!


We introduced RTI in the Netherlands and Belgium many years ago and because we have so much experience plus a very solid relationship with the owners of the RTI brand we can offer the best service! Most parts in stock.  


Essentially there’s improvements in three main areas: barrel, valve and breech block. 

Prophet II models in .22 and .25 calibers are equipped with RTI’s lightly-choked proprietary barrel (RPB) which delivers improved accuracy with both slugs and pellets.

The .177 and .30 caliber guns are fitted with choked Lothar Walther barrels.

There’s two barrel lengths, 20 Inches and 24 Inches.

The new breech block includes an integrated 70 cc capacity plenum to increase Muzzle Energy. (The capacity of the first generation Prophet’s plenum was 57 cc).

This operates in combination with a new valve which uses air from the barrel to close faster. The valve opens from zero to full in 1 millisecond. The result is that the Prophet II can achieve high power from low HPA pressures and with great efficiency.

The regulator of the Prophet II Performance model can operate at pressures between 80 to 180 bar (1,160 to 2,610 PSI).

In fact, there’s two Prophet II models. The base and the “Performance”. The Prophet II Performance package includes a carbon fiber HPA bottle, adjustable hammer spring tension and the above-mentioned externally-adjustable regulator. Max power: 66 ft.lbs in .22 in .25 77 ft.lbs




RTI Prophet II Performance
Type airgun: 
0.22" / 5,5 mm
Rifle butt: 
€  1.699,00
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