Huben K1 .22 Black
Huben K1 .22 Black
Huben K1 .22 Black
Huben K1 .22 Black

Huben K1 .22 Black

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In stock!!!


Version 5 in stock now!!! So: Yes indeed.... Newer then all versions on the Internet/youtube. Improved regulator that refills faster and more accurate, gauge exacter and improved sealing, power regulation system improved and reinforced. We are one of the very few in the world that truly stock, service and deliver this latest version. Order fast!!




We just wanted this sensational air gun in our shop! Short, pointable, 300 bar tube, easy to adjust the power, semi-automatic. Need we say more? You can adjust from 10 to 100 joules! It feels rugged and shoots fast!

The color: Well, we have them in black, or black and black. Like Henry Ford loved!  Order fast. We are getting new orders every week and the amount of guns coming is very limited.

Email us before ordering!


Super silencers are available in black and Carbon. The special pellets are in stock too (JSB Beast) plus Huben solids.... The new imporoved monster also performs great om moderate power level.

Huben K1 .22 Black
Type airgun: 
5,52 mm / .22
Rifle butt: 
€  1.740,00


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